It's a mugs game

Clubmugs-the-concept was born over a game of table football with tea and buns. We love buns, we love great design and some of us are pure mad about the beautiful game. We can get very exercised about what constitutes the perfect mug and the best way to brew a decent cuppa.

We are designers and in 2012 we needed some mugs for a client but we just couldn't get them printed the way we wanted; we wanted top-to-bottom all-mug prints with colours that really popped - plus reasonable prices for small quantities. So we rolled up our sleeves and decided to figure it out ourselves.  


We thought 'dye-sublimation - how hard can that be?' but Clubmugs-the-reality was a much tougher journey than we anticipated. We micro-managed everything from the brand concept to the complexities of an e-commerce website; all whilst urgently trying to bake the perfect mug. Our mugs are dye-sublimated and it is a dark art - we were chasing a perfect relationship between time, temperature and pressure.

After months of experimenting and countless fraught late nights we got there; the first perfect bake was a joyous moment! Once we figured out the process we then had to work out how to do hundreds a day cost-effectively whilst maintaining our vision of great design.

Off on our toes

Once we could bake a decent mug we painted the door on our West-Belfast Victorian printshop a lively red and we were off. We're still refining our craft four years later however they now go out the door in pallets across Europe. We've had the privilege of working with a huge range of charities, businesses, clubs and organisations - across the UK, Ireland and beyond - and every job is genuinely a pleasure.

Design, service and superb print quality remain our absolute focus and that's what brings big brands back to us time and again; new clients come to us regularly through reputation and word of mouth.

What makes Clubmugs stand out?

  • We only do mugs so we do them really, really well. We aren't interested in offering a catalog of promotional goods because our design service and quality couldn't sustain.
  • We do everything in-house, we don't outsource. Most promotional mugs you see online are outsourced.
  • Design, design, design - and we don't charge for it. No set-up fees either.
  • Six or 600, it doesn't matter, get in touch, we can do it and make the price work for you.
  • Our mugs look fantastic, we never disappoint. That means you sell more and because your mugs look so good your brand or message will stay prominent (A good mug is always appreciated and used every day).

John David Mills

John Mills is the other half of the Clubmugs story.  Early in 2014 we were just gathering ourselves after our second successful but very busy December when John became ill. John was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and died on the 31st of May 2014. 

Clubmugs would not exist without John, it's writ right through with him. As well as his encyclopaedic football knowledge and fanatical attention to detail he brought his quiet wit and intellect to the party every single day. If only he could see where Clubmugs is at now, it would tickle him pink. Through sweat and tears and not a few differing of opinions we created Clubmugs and I'm very, very proud of what we built together. I'm determined that Clubmugs should sustain and John's vision be realised.