Wholesale Gift Mugs for Belfast Times

Idiolectables by Jeff Meredith and Belfast Times

Jeff Meredith is a formidable force who has been blogging about Belfast since before it was even a thing. As well as a remarkable content generator and aggregator, he is a designer with his own expanding range of Belfast and Norn Iron giftware based on the vernacular. It might be said that he is not doing anything particularly new with his idiolectables, but what he does do is one thing and he does it really well. The Belfast Times range is retailed online and he wholesales to various outlets around the city. He also maintains a popular stall three days every week at the inimitable St Georges Market.


Jeff started with coasters and mugs (we snared him as a client in 2013 not long after we had got going ourselves) and has slowly expanded the range with all manner of pithy giftware. His stall looks great, not least because he never compromises on his aesthetic (one thing and one thing well). His initial designs were simple and colourful and he’s stuck with the look, creating a really strong brand identity in the process. We supply his mugs (one thing and well) even though he’s begged us for years to expand into coasters and cheerfully mix his orders across over twenty mug designs as required. As a busy man about town Jeff has also been a great ambassador for Clubmugs and introduced a number of new clients and outlets to us over the past few years, so he’s been instrumental in the growth of our own brand too. You’ll find his packed blog and reviews here and all the goodies down at St Georges. Christmas season is coming and it’s going to be pure mental...